Our Unicorn Dust Drip Fit represents spreading a little extra sparkle in this world. Out mission is to help ordinary people do extraordinary things. We advocate LOVE in any form, especially self love. Be unique, be happy and be free to express yourself in any way! Always remember how special you are and never let anyone dim your sparkle.

To further our movement of positivity and happiness int the world, partial proceeds of all purchases until the end of August will be donated to the MOOD DISORDER ASSOCIATION OF MANITOBA!  If you would like to make a donation of your own, please CLICK HERE to support the Mood Disorder Association of Manitoba and the incredible work they do! 


We’re making a video for the upcoming launch that is being comfortable in your skin. Being different, pushing the boundaries of social norms and being okay with being different. The video is about self expression. We will have people “passing off” a drip fit to someone else COMPLETELY different than YOU. TO show we all may be different , we all may be in different places, with different goals, but we are all running the same race as a team!

We would love to get many locations to get involved as we are hoping to make this viral. We have people taking part from all around the world and truly want to make an impact showing how much support people have.

The video would only be 7-10 seconds 

Have the person filming you throw ANY DripFit towards you.
Catch the DripFit.
Dance, be silly, show your personality using the Drip Fit.
Throw the DripFit back to the camera
Tag 3 friends you nominate for the #dripfitmentalhealthchallenge
Also hashtag #lovewins 

– “Sweat more. Sparkle more. Love more”



How on earth did we get the glitter, shine and shimmer into our latest Drip Fit?!

Phlogopiteis a natural mineral of the mica family that consist of layered magnesium aluminum silicate sheets weakly bound together by potassium ions. Synthetic Fluorphlogpite is similar, except that in the manufacturing process (which requires high temperature). some of the hydroxyl groups in the mineral are replaced with fluorine atoms. IN addition, while natural phlogopite may be yellow, green, or red in colour, Synthetic Fluorphlogopite is white to grey in colour.