I have something to share, and I’m not sure the right way, but I figure this is a good start. And why share? Well, it doesn’t do me any good not to speak and potentially inspire someone else in the same situation.

There is cancer in my family on both sides. My mom and aunt had breast cancer, and my other aunt and great-grandmother had ovarian cancer. Because of this, I decided to do genetic testing in May 2021. As it turns out, I have a rare genetic mutation that puts me at high risk for breast and ovarian cancer. The stats are pretty high, and with my family history, as well as my results and guidance from the high-risk cancer clinic, I will be heading in for a double mastectomy and hysterectomy. I see this as an opportunity, something that can save my life. Through my experience, I hope to help inspire people to be an advocate for their health! It doesn’t matter how healthy you think you are! It can happen to anyone. 


We will be kicking off a month for Breast Cancer, and as you can imagine, this year is a bit different than most. 
Just like years prior, I am co-hosting events this month to raise funds for Breast Cancer research, to inspire every person to be an advocate for their health, and to challenge YOU mentally and physically. 
We are launching our new pink bands that are like a HUG OF HOPE. Having these unique and special DripFit bands has been something I have wanted to do for years. To honour those who have survived and those who fought for their lives. I hope you love it, and I hope it hugs you in a new kind of way! This is a meaningful launch to me and the most significant yet! 💗
Thank you for listening and reading up to this point. My intent is not to leave you feeling heavy but more so inspired. Possibly to go to the doctor about that nagging cough or get that test you’ve been avoiding. Becoming informed is crucial; think of it as a part of your survival. And remember, YOU ARE A WARRIOR! 
Dedicated to: 
Christine D
Erin D
Sharon R 
Shelley R 
Leslie B
And anyone personally touched by cancer in some way! 

DRIPFIT® – SWEAT BAND Limited Edition, Breast Cancer Awareness