DripFit from an RMT’s point of view

Hi! My name is Shannon Tuck and I am a Registered Massage Therapist, Certified Personal Trainer, Certified Nutrition Coach, and a Level 1 Reiki Practioner. I am passionate about empowering and inspiring people of all ages to live life to their fullest potential; through healthy living which includes fitness, nutrition, mindset and well-being.

As an RMT of 21 years, I am always looking to help my clients find ways to improve their health & well-being. Massage Therapy is great for that hour or hour and a half treatment, but what about after the session is over? What happens when you have muscle soreness (which by the way is a good thing because it means those targeted muscles were worked and the healing process has been initiated).  I like to incorporate products for aftercare/homecare that will help the client achieve a healthier life. Products that have benefits to aid in decreasing muscle soreness, and increase circulation to help the blood flow to the muscles to promote even more healing.

Initially when I was first introduced to Dripfit, it was the sweatband and cream, that I looked at for my fitness journey. I used them as a sweat intensifier (and let me just tell you, they are AMAZING with creating that ‘sweaty waterfall’ for your workouts! My kids now call me the #sweatqueen) But soon I realized that there are SO MANY other benefits to this wonderful product; including being an incredible topical for post workout sore muscles and decreasing the effects of DOMS.

With regards to massage, well OH MY GOODNESS!!! This product has a topical magnesium complex which helps with not only energy creation and protein formation, it also helps with muscle tenderness/soreness & inflammation, along with muscle cramps, headache and PMS!!!

Magnesium deficiency can cause muscle spasms and cramps, as well as fatigue. So, I recommend this cream to my clients as an alternative to help VS. having to take any over the counter meds. Your muscles may be tender after a massage, but this is one way, along with increasing your water intake and having an Epsom salts bath, to help the process of healing.

I have to admit, I have totally fallen in love with the Unicorn Dust cream, because it sparkles; and who the hell doesn’t want to sparkle today? Honestly though, all of these amazing scents are wonderful! Such a great assortment to choose from!

So, the next time you have a massage and you feel the twitching sore muscles after the ‘tune up’, try Dripfit creams to help alleviate and to restore!

Shannon Tuck