DripFit began in 2015, with the idea to bring health back into fitness. An idea to create something that was backed by science, and made with love. Each ingredient we use has a purpose. Every ingredient is Pharmaceutical Grade and all natural; fuelling your body from the inside out.


We want to educate about health and wellbeing, help enhance the way you live, and improve the way you see yourself. We are dedicated to help others live a fuller, happier life.


We have created a team at DripFit that all have the same passion, drive, charisma, and desire to make a difference in people’s lives. DripFit is about ordinary people doing extraordinary things – DripFit turned from an idea into an incredibly supportive community, a culture, a way of life. The world is limitless when we believe, and we believe in YOU!


I’m Brenley. I am a personal trainer, sports nutrition coach and hormone health consultant. I have worked with my dad, (Pharmacist and Master of Holistic medicine) for over a decade as well as ran my own practice for the past 13 years. Having a science and natural health background, I knew there were very few safe “supplements” available for use during pregnancy, so I created DripFit- during my first pregnancy.

As a fitness competitor and health enthusiast, I wanted to have the safest pregnancy while feeling good about my body, my skin, and my health. I knew I would be going through a huge transformation and I wanted to be able to feel comfortable and confident along the way while keeping my baby safe. I also wanted to ensure I could use it postpartum while breastfeeding.

I thought of all the things that would be important to me in a product. From the integrity of the ingredients to the workout benefits, improved circulation, decreased the visibility of stretch marks and scars, safe for sensitive skin, collagen enhancing and skin hydrating. I took this as an opportunity to hit the lab and create something topical, unique and all natural.

Myself and 15 clients tested 6 different scents and formulas. We went through almost a year of tests and revisions until we got it right. The results were incredible. DripFit started to make real differences in their lives, in ways I never even considered. Their skin felt better, they felt younger, they were able to workout longer, recovering faster and they didn’t have to worry about any adverse health affects. More importantly, their confidence shot through the roof.

Highest quality, Pharmaceutical Grade ingredients

All ingredients are found in nature

Made in Canada

Backed by science

Created with YOUR health in mind

No fillers, binders, dyes or preservatives

No fillers, binders, dyes or preservatives


Proud to be Canadian! We work closely with our local manufacturer to ensure our products are of highest quality.All of our products have a third party Certificate of Analysis to ensure what we claim is in it, is in it!